Our Choice Collection

Astelia Silver Shadow

Strong garden plant, eye-catching silver foliage, easy care

Astelia originates from the Chatham Islands, an extremely exposed island group east of New Zealand. Indeed, its native habitat is the reason that this plant is so strong and tolerant of strong winds. This is particularly true of the Astelia Silver Shadow in the Our Choice Collection. Its extremely strong roots provide an even stronger basis from which this beautiful evergreen will continue to grow – even after bitter cold (down to -15˚C)!

The leaves of this striking silver Astelia hang over each other and, from the heart to the tip, gradually become metallic silver. This creates a dazzling effect, in every sense of the word. An absolute eye-catcher in any garden!


This plant is for decorative purposes only and is not suitable for consumption!



Astelia Silver Shadow is ideal on the balcony or patio or in the garden as well as indoors. Especially in coastal areas. It thrives in full sun and an aerated soil. This plant is particularly tolerant of drought, strong (sea) winds and coastal conditions. What it will not tolerate is the soil being too wet. If the foliage wilts when the mercury goes below –5˚C , don’t worry: the plant’s roots are so strong that new foliage will automatically return! Temperatures below -15˚C are however not suitable for this garden plant.